If you don't know me,I'm Daniel and I like Sonic The Hedgehog. Here's a story that made me disliking Sonic The Hedgehog.

One day,I was in the attic looking for old stuff that I remembered in the older days. I ran into my Sega Genesis and my favourite game Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The game was so old that it couldn't let me play. So I went on Ebay to look for ROM hacks that weren't giving me creeps.

I found one Sonic ROM hack and it titled: Sonic's Fate. I said to myself:"Well gonna get it" I ordered the game and it took half an hour. One evening,it came in a box. I opened it,excited to try. I learned how to play ROM hacks in the past but I can trust myself to play it. I got in my room with my Sega Genesis and the game and I booted up the game.

The game after it booted up was not the Sonic logo everyone remembers. It was Sonic 2. But Sonic was missing in the logo. And Tails is sad. And the title says:"Sonic's Fate" I thought to myself:"Whoa! That was not a ROM hack I was looking for." Then suddently,the game started. It shows the Character Select. It had:




And Sliver

I picked Tails since he was my favourite character in the Sonic world. Then one cutscene started. It shows Shadow and Sliver looking for Sonic at Angel Island. Suddently,I saw Sonic but he was evil and his fur was red. Both heroes fell onto the ground cuz he was stronger than I thought. Then Sonic took them and goes in the portal. The message in my TV screen said:"MeEt Me At AcT 3" I rebooted the game.

Then,the logo has changed,Tails was missing for the logo and in the Character Select,it only showed:


I knew my game was glitching. The game started to act up. When I picked SoNiC,the game started to glitch harder and harder that in my window,I saw the hedgehog I remember that took Shadow and Sliver. It opened the door to my sister's room. But my family are on vacation. The hedgehog disappeared leaving the lights flickering. I went to turn off the lights and continue with the game.

It was 3:00 AM and the game shutted on me with a message on my TV screen saying:"You survived the murder" I throwed it to the trash can and I grabbed the hammer and smashed the game and selled it.

If you see the game,don't play it or you'll have nightmares.